SIMINVEST OOD has got its own production facilities, warehousing facilities and a massive vehicles fleet. The production facilities in the town of Radomir is located on an area of 9948 sq.m. Open and close warehousing facilities are provided with a total area exceeding 2000 sq.m.
All kinds of steel guardrails, pedestrian rails, road restraint system components for roads according to EN 1317, steel structures for photo-voltaic plants, as well as customer-tailored steel structures are manufactured in our production facilities in Radomir. Manufacturing of supporting structures for solar parks fully complies with the requirements of EN 1090, against which the company has been certified for the production of all kinds of steel structures and components.
We have got various equipment needed for having the production process as effective as possible. Our auxiliary facilities are equipped with up-to-date machinery and devices. In the production plant, there are drilling machines – electrical drills, presses, metal cutting machines – slitting machines, combines scissors, guillotine scissors. In addition, we have got edging machines, metal working machines, milling and grinding machines. There is also a welding workshop, equipped with all necessary machinery and equipment and applying adequate techniques, in consideration of the fact that the company is certified according to the requirements of EN 3834.
SIMINVEST OOD has got a developed and implemented production control system and a Certificate of product conformity assessment. On an annual basis, the quality management and production control system are subject to auditing for verification of company capacities.