SIMINVEST OOD has started its business in 1997 in the field of road construction, i.e. supply and installation of steel road restraint systems according to EN 1317, and is contributing to the construction of an up-to-date infrastructure subject to compliance with the European standards and provision of road safety.
SIMINVEST OOD is pioneering in the application of the method of steel piles driving by using a high-impact driving machine for the installation of steel road barriers.
In a consortium with other three Bulgarian companies a crash test has been carried out according to EN 1317 – SPO 97 with satisfactory results.
The Company is a full member of Bulgarian Road Safety Branch Association.
The Company has got a developed, implemented and certified Quality Management System applicable for production control purposes, subject to compliance with the requirements of both EN 1317 and EN 1090, and EN 3834. SIMINVEST OOD has undergone a conformity assessment procedure of the manufactured steel structure components : steel structures for Photo-voltaic power plants, components for steel guardrails, steel structures for auxiliary facilities (rails, noise-protection fences, piles for road signs).
For the construction of solar parks SIMINVEST OOD applies the technique of driving of steel sections using a high-impact driving machine, which facilitates quick and high quality performance of works.
The Company hold a license for international carriage of goods at our and customers’ expense.
SIMINVEST OOD has got its own manufacturing facilities, storage facilities and massive vehicle fleet. The manufacturing facilities are located in the town of Radomir; it is equipped with up-to-date machinery and facilities. There are open and close storage areas. SIMINVEST OOD has got chain driving machines with driving height up to 4300 mm, allowing installation of a large scale of structures, including on a rough terrain. The Company is specialized in installation of motorway mesh, guardrails, noise-protection systems, anti-glare systems, road signs and boards, overspeed limiters and other road accessories. SIMINVEST OOD is the first and the sole importer of a innovative product – snow guard meshes. The Company has got highly qualified engineers and technicians, as well as operating personnel, and can guarantee competent implementation and high quality of the assigned works. SIMINVEST OOD is involved in a considerable number of construction and installation projects abroad related to the installation of hard shoulders (SPO) and solar parks, i. e. Romania, Greece, Turkey, Hungary, Macedonia, etc.