Solar Park

SIMINVEST OOD offers structural solutions for the manufacturing and installation of supporting structures for photovoltaic plants and solar parks. The Company is specialized in the manufacturing, installation and complete execution of several types of steel structures for photo-electric plants. We can offer specially engineered steel structures for a hard shoulder type solar park – different options of static structures and others with an adjustable angle from 22o to 64o. Also, we offer steel structures for section type solar parks.
Highly experienced engineers with relevant qualification allowing them to determine technical requirements to structures and to monitor the production process of individual components work in our technical department. The Company has set up a team of highly qualified driving machine operators and supporting personnel which guarantees high quality of the implementation of all projects and customers satisfaction with the well done job.
We have got around 10 teams specialized in the construction of solar parks and a massive vehicles fleet, providing high mobility of the teams and prompt and timely response to orders for manufacturing and installation of structures. We are devoted to the continuous improvement of our employees’ qualification and to the achievement of the highest professional level. We also have got last generation high impact driving machines with a driving height up to 4300 mm, which allows installation of a large scale of structures, including on rough terrains. There are 17 driving machines available for the installation of steel structures for photovoltaic power plants, which enables us to be employed for both short-term and long-term projects.
SIMINVEST OOD holds a certificate according to the requirements of EN 1090 for the manufacturing of steel structures and their conformity has been assessed by independent institutions.
The Company has got our own production facility where all kinds of supporting structures for photovoltaic power plants are manufactured, as well as customer tailored steel structures.